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I am John Henry, Ph.D — the founder of Story Makers Investment Advisors, bringing over two decades of experience working with Data Scientists, Engineers, and Actuaries. I have worked at companies such as MSIG, Convr, Maiden Re, and AIG in roles including Chief Data Scientist, Chief Analytics Officer, Predictive Modeler and Actuary.

Aside from my work experience, I am also a passionate educator and have taught Mathematics and Statistics courses ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D levels at Oregon State University, North Carolina State University, and New York University. I enjoy empowering others to solve problems with mathematics and statistics.

I am held to the fiduciary standard of care — that means I am legally and ethically required to act in my clients’ best interest when providing personalized investment advice and recommendations. Moreover, as an advice-only and fee-only advisor, I can easily provide full transparency regarding pricing while avoiding conflicts of interest.

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My personal journey has been one of hard work, education and overcoming obstacles. While growing up in Eugene, Oregon, my parents were regularly incarcerated or incapacitated. Despite these challenges, I became a first-generation college graduate. Still, financial uncertainty and instability at home left me in the dark about personal finance for many years. By investing in myself and my education, I created the financial foundation to live the life I want, which now involves travel, exploring art and theater, and spending time with my family. I want you to realize the same level of success that I have. That is why I have built Story Makers Investment Advisors. I want to continue to help my clients make their own success stories.


  • Master’s: International Real Estate

  • Master’s: Jurisprudence

  • Graduate Certificate: Wealth Management

  • Graduate Certificate: Computational Finance & Risk Management

  • Ph.D: Statistics

  • Ph.D Minor: Mathematics

  • Ph.D Minor: Ecosystem Informatics

  • Master’s: Statistics

  • MS Minor: Actuarial Mathematics

  • Bachelor’s: Applied Mathematics


My name is Kim Carmichael, a seasoned professional with a comprehensive background in real estate, holding a full-time Real Estate license in Colorado. Leveraging my expertise gained from the real estate industry, coupled with a foundation in healthcare, I am dedicated to cultivating long-term client relationships aimed at ensuring sustained financial success for both individuals and their investments.

My commitment extends to a continuous pursuit of knowledge, with a particular focus on educating others in various investment avenues, ranging from equities and options contracts to the intricacies of real estate. I am passionate about problem-solving and collaborative efforts to achieve your financial goals.

Irrespective of your current position in your investment journey, I am here to provide assistance. Notably, at Story Makers Investment Advisors, our advisory services are exclusively fee-based, ensuring that we remain free from financial ties to your assets. This commitment underscores our dedication to delivering trustworthy advice that aligns with your financial objectives.

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My journey has been marked by continuous growth, transformation, and embracing various opportunities. Originally from Frederick, Maryland, I've proudly called Colorado my home for the past eight years. While I initially pursued a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016 at the encouragement of my parents, who envisioned a career in medicine for me, I quickly realized that shaping the future I envisioned required a more nuanced approach than merely accumulating funds in a bank account. 

Driven by a desire to understand the ins and outs of compounding interest, retirement planning, wealth building, and achieving financial freedom, I dove into self-education.  I have always loved numbers and calculating on spreadsheets. My free time is filled with outdoor adventures like hiking, fishing, paddleboarding, and mountain biking.  I'm here to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to build the life you've always wanted and become financially free. Let's navigate this path together!


  • Series 65 - Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker (Colorado) 

  • Doctorate: Physical Therapy

  • Bachelor’s: Exercise Science, Allied Health Track

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