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Here's what you can expect when you join our monthly membership program

Initial Financial Assessment

Financial metric assessment that will enable better understanding of your current situation

Behavioral Finance Assessment

Gain insights into your financial behaviors and tendencies to optimize your decision-making process.

Credit Score Improvement Recommendations

Receive personalized recommendations to enhance your credit score effectively.

Interest Reduction Opportunities

Unlock opportunities to minimize interest payments on existing mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and other lines of credit.

Best Loan Rates

Access the best rates available for new home, auto, or small business loans you're considering.

Optimal Debt Repayment Roadmap

Receive a detailed roadmap for repaying your debts in the most efficient manner.

Continuous Monitoring

Have your financial metrics monitored and get feedback to ensure you stay on track towards your goals

Educational Content

Enjoy recurring educational content covering various topics in financial planning to enhance your financial literacy.

Personalized Insights

Benefit from proactive insights tailored to your specific financial situation.

Monthly Office Hours

Get exclusive access to monthly office hours with our experienced advisor, John Henry.

Market and Economic Insights

Stay informed with client memos 4x per month providing valuable insights on financial topics, markets, and economics.

Quarterly Financial Report

Receive a comprehensive report every quarter detailing the performance of your finances.

Annual Investment Analysis

Get a thorough analysis of your investments annually to ensure they align with your goals.

Annual Retirement Outlook Analysis

Assess your retirement outlook annually to make informed decisions about your future.

Expert Financial Guidance

Have your financial questions answered promptly, covering areas such as education planning, insurance, and real estate.

Membership Pricing

Members looking for more detailed or one-off assistance on complex tax, estate planning, and real estate problems should reach out for a quote. Members' custom requests are prioritized over non-members.

  • Individual

    Every month
  • Couple

    Every month
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