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Personalized Investment Advising & Financial Planning

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future.


Story Makers Investment Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) specializing in providing personalized financial solutions. Previously exclusively for Data Scientists, Engineers, Actuaries, we now work with a limited number of clients who don't check one of these boxes as a way of giving back to a larger population. Our objective is to help you reach your desired future financial state, allowing you to focus on advancing your career and enjoying the things in life that bring you joy.


5-Star Wealthtender Certified Advisor Review™


Years' experience in ML, risk management, and investment advising


Data Science students, direct reports, mentees, & clients


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We work with clients as a way of giving back, and because it feels good helping real people to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Our process combines advanced analytical and data driven methodologies, carefully curated technologies and partnerships, and deep expertise and experience in multiple areas.

We only work with clients with a certain level of analytical sophistication, investment horizon duration, dedication, and risk appetite

Clients get year-round access to personalized recommendations, alerts, insights, assessments, educational content, and access to customized solutions

Membership Pricing

Members looking for more detailed or one-off assistance on complex tax, estate planning, and real estate problems should reach out for a quote. Members' custom requests are prioritized over non-members.

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